Star World Asia: The Final of MasterChef Australia 2010

Adam Liaw will go plate to plate against Callum Hann in the final of MasterChef Australia 2010 on Sunday night, 09.45 pm, 7 August 2011, StarWorldAsia TV.  
 Don’t miss it.

     Here the clues from MasterChef Australia 2 Episode 84:
√      Adam and Callum faced three rounds in the finale, worth 100 points in total. The first round involved basic skills tests and Adam was in front after the first round.
√      The second round was an invention test. Adam and Callum both received 9/10 from each judge for their dishes.
√     The final round was a pressure test, cooking a Peter Gilmore dessert. Adam’s dessert scored higher than Callum’s and scoring 89/100 overall, Adam became Australia’s MasterChef for 2010. 

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