Grace Miller: How is Love

     Love, it must already exists before human beings start to have language. Love is chemical effect, and you could never tell why you love that one, and you could never stop it by your own will.
     People always want to find a definite answer about what is love, so they keep asking each other and themselves. However, there is no such person who can define what is love. Every person has his or her own understanding about love, and a single person’s understanding about love may differ by time.
I’d like to share my understanding about love.
     As I am a teenager girl, I feel love is the feeling that I believe he is very handsome, and hope that he has the same opinion on me, that is I am beautiful. It is a very simple feeling. I just wanna be with him, no mater what we will do. We can sharing the sunshine under a big tree and have no words at all. We can look at each other face to face and have no idea in our brain. We want to sing our favorite songs to each other. We want hold each other’s hands walk down a long street with green trees.
      As I grow up, and find the one I am willing to marry. Age changes, city changes, and friends changes, but love is still that love, love is still a simple feeling. When I am thinking about him, I will smile unconsciously. When I am with him, time goes fast , long street turns short, foods become tasted and pains feel less. His hand is warm, his smile is sweet, his happiness is more important than mine.
      I believe true love is not related to any other physical things. Love exist even we can’t talk to each other, even we are poor, and even we are ill. And true love won’t go to change even time goes.
     That is my love. I think I am lucky one in the world, for true lover is as seldom as diamond. Once you get one, you should cherish it for your whole life.

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