Photorealistic Painting: Between Johannes Wessmark, stones and me

Boats: Airbrush and colored pencil

I have been interesting with beach stones either in real world or in illustration.  I have gathered them from seashore and picked them from the websites for years.  They not only have arranged in my desk  but also appeared in my KelompokSatu Team's presentation slide  last years.  I think People need discover what others desire,  so here are the paintings of stones made by an artist that i want to share you.  
Although the painting named boats by the painter actually focused to a pretty boat rather than stones as a main subject, the stones painted in the picture was interested me greatly.   When i pay more attention,  the tiny boat as a foreground element seems great too.   It seems choosen and strongly suitable to the stones.  Then, Both the stones and a boat together they become a strengthen element to each other.
The painting's composition, colors and others were so beautifull.  The stones was painted with airbrush and colored pencil,  but they look realistic like a photography product.  The boat looks so realistic too, until i forget that it was only an artificial boat made of  crafting material. He he he.              
Finally, I have become more appreaciate since I knew the reason why painting's composition works well in "boats".    Now that, In other painting a right combination between the stones as a background element and the glass as a main subject also make painting's composition more interesting and reasonable. 
 Johannes Wessmark creating the paintings, an autodidact  photorealist artist live in sweden,  is currently looking for art-contacts outside of sweden for exhibitions.  If you are interested please contact him at or or visit my other personal blog here for reading more posting about the stones.

Glass: Airbrush and colored pencil

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