Post-it Note dalam Iklan

        Sticky notes’s company  focuses on the desires and needs of marketplace.  They first determine what costumers want and then produce it, rather then focusing on what easy or should be produced.   Sometimes  what a firm can best produces is exactly what the markets wants or desires.   But consumers do not always know what they want, because  they do not what kind of product and its use.   on other hand, marketers can make people want things they don't need.  They create  needs by best promotion to influence people's wants.   They made this ads to communicate "the needs"  with people and motivate their consumption behavior.

Menggunakan Post-it Note dalam Iklan Nescafe
"valentine's day" dalam iklan Post-it Note

"Ini buah terlarang" dalam iklan Post-it Note:  

"Post-it note twittering" dalam iklan Post-it Note

"Begini ini kalo tidak punya poplen" dalam iklan Post-it Note

"Jangan lupa siapa namanya" dalam Iklan Post-it


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